Adventures in Intimacy with Leah & Paul

| Growth

This class is taught in English.
Please bring your yoga mat.

What would you do if someone waved a magic wand and made your relationships incredible? If they made you irresistible and ensured you had everything you ever wanted from a partnership? Sounds silly right? Fact check → most people actually believe this. Subconsciously believing our relationship should be great on its own, and if it’s not - it must be a problem with the other person. The good news is, we believe you can follow a few simple steps to create a passionate, healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Come learn the secrets that were not taught to you in school, like:
› how to be more yourself with your partner
› how to have more fun, sensuality and playfulness together
› ways to build closeness and connection when you’re feeling distant
› how to get your needs and boundaries met in healthy ways
› how to open to deeper love and still ensure your heart is taken care of

And have tons of laughs while doing it. :) This workshop is for single people, those in a relationship and those looking to have a relationship. There will be elements of dance, movement and non-sexual touch.

In dieses Event tauchst du ein mit:

Leah Santa Cruz und Paul Teodo