The ocean and the pyramid

| Peace

Bring a note book and pencils/crayons.
Bring a yoga mat to sit on.

A walk on the beach

Our world is currently governed by hierarchy. This is the natural manifestation of our current, dualistic, consciousness. It is a pyramid where all the power, all the wealth, all the weapons, all the resources are gathered in the hands of the rich, the powerful and the ruthless. It is this that is the root cause of all our earthly problems.

If we are to know a world of Peace, justice, truth, and mutual well being it is the nature of our consciousness that creates the problems that must change... How does a change in consciousness change a regime that has existed in the minds of men for millennia. The answer is in the Pyramid and the ocean.....

What is the form and nature of consciousness relieved of its hierarchical burden?

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Graham Brown